Saturday Evening Update

The end is in sight!  On our conference call with County Executive Kittleman, I received a few updates:

Ellicott City currently has had over 24" of snowfall.  The snow is projected to stop falling between 10-11PM tonight.  Temperatures will be in the single digits with the wind-chill this evening and snow will continue to drift.  Winds will be around 20-25 MPH throughout the night and will die down to 15 MPH tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow will be sunny with a high around 30 degrees. 
The Howard County Emergency Call Center volume has been low, but will remain fully staffed throughout tomorrow and Monday.  The hospital is in good shape with 50% of beds available.  
The County was working all day on plowing primary roads, they are wrapping up tonight and then starting again early tomorrow morning.  Some trucks were slowed down by snow drifts.  All roads are expected to be plowed by Wednesday according to the County and the State.  This does not mean everyone will be immobile, some roads will be passable before others, but please check before you attempt to drive.  With that said, please continue to stay off the roads today and tomorrow.
Two collapses occurred in the County, but no one was injured.  Keep an eye on snow accumulation on your roofs and decks.  BGE reports that very few have lost power, but the potential for outages still exists.
Please remember if you have a fire hydrant on or near your property, to try and clear the snow around it.  You should also check on any vents around your property and ensure that they are clear, as well as any natural gas meters.  Be careful not to over-exert yourself when shoveling.
More updates to come tomorrow morning.
Stay Safe,

Numbers and Contacts:

Emergencies: Call 911

Non-emergencies: HoCo Call Center 410-313-2900, which is now being manned around the clock and ready to help you. If you or a family member needs treatment for a medical condition this evening or tomorrow, please call this number. The County will confirm with your Doctor and make arrangements for transportation.

Howard County Emergency Management: 410-313-6030

Howard County Public Information Office: 410-313-2022

State Highway Issues: 410-841-1009

Stay up to date with the latest news and information from Howard County at or follow Howard County on Facebook: or Twitter (@HoCoGov).

If you need additional help beyond the call center, please email or

To report a BGE power outage, call 1-877-778-2222 or visit you smell natural gas or see a downed power line, leave the area immediately and then call BGE's emergency line at 1-800-685-0123.

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