Can I count on your support?

I have been your neighbor in Ellicott City for over 20 years.  As I've talked with thousands of our neighbors in Ellicott City, it is increasingly clear that the burden of over-taxation and over-regulation is taking it's toll. This race provides voters with a clear choice between accountability and common-sense fiscal policy or more spending and more tax increases.

I have a record of effective and proven support for lower taxes and opposition to the constant cycle of inflated budgets and new programs that lead over and over again to tax increases.  My record shows that I will continue to fight against the frivolity in Annapolis.We can and will keep the high quality of services that our citizens deserve while cutting spending and reducing your tax burden. 

Will you pledge to publicly support my campaign?  Together we will continue to make Ellicott City and our State a great place to live.

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